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Our initial thought was publishing an insider’s guide on Istanbul, hoping to present a true glimpse of our city through the people and places that make it great. But as the country slid into a state of apathy from 2015, we lost our appetite for it. But now, we can feel that the city has stories to tell, once again, for the ears to hear. While cities morphed by global flows start to resemble each other like carbon copies, What’s Up MAGS attempts to search for genuine places, experiences and people that make our lives more delightful. Each issue of our seasonal magazine will be dedicated to another destination and people transforming it in a good way with the music, tastes, objects, mediums or places they’ve created. You will be able to reach this content in near future, from the “Destinations” section.

Istanbul, the port we have departed from, will be our final destination and will occupy two issues every year. No matter if you are a visitor or a resident, Istanbul has something for you. So, stay tuned in!

Özgür Gezer

Özgür Gezer