Where All the Roads Meet

Istanbul, the port we have departed from, is also our final destination. Two issues of our seasonal magazine are dedicated to Istanbul every year.

No matter if you are a visitor or a resident, Istanbul has something for you. Click to reach our itineraries and local tips of the residents “in the know”.

Latin America

Turning the Face to the South

Latin America is huge, full of severe problems, but also full of hope and creative people doing amazing stuff!

From Uruguay and Argentina to Peru, Bolivia and Mexico, you will find a good compilation of inspiring stories under this cover, as well as unique interviews with the insiders.


Hope is Contagious Too!

The famous 16th-century treatise of Thomas More does not tell us about the exact latitude and longitude of Utopia, which is an ideal island-society off the shores of Latin America.

What’s Up MAGS imagines Utopia as the soil where “contagious” ideas that would renew our faith in humankind’s potential for doing good could sprout up.