Latin Style

We have chosen fabulous clothes and accessories from the Latin American designers, who make a difference with their pieces blending natural materials with high design and inviting you to live life as an eternal festival with their rich spectrum of colors and patterns. Make space in your spring and summer wardrobe for the joy of living!

“Handmade in Rio for summer across the world!” That motto explains the Brazilian accessory maker’s mission very well. The brand’s rich array of tropical bags combine rustic raw materials like straw and wood with leather, silk, acrylic and metal, giving them a bit of a luxurious touch. For women who would like to pursue the eternal summer!

The Colombian designer Mercedes Salazar, who opened her first boutique in Bogota in 2001, is famous for her exploratory line of contemporary jewelry made in collaboration with artisans and indigenous communities of Colombia. Ancestral crochet and weaving techniques of these communities are successfully incorporated into handmade jewelry, home and fashion accessories currently present in 23 markets across the Americas, Europe, UK and Asia.

The Miami based Argentinian designer Carolina Kienman is known for her unique prints on summer dresses and swimwear. At the initial stages of her brand, she is known to have settled in the magical town of Tepoztlan in Mexico with her family and got a lot of inspiration from Mexican culture. Today she continues to produce pieces with hand-embroidered details made by artisans from remote regions of Mexico and Peru.

This legendary artisanal shoemaker exports the best tango shoes from Buenos Aires to all around the world. The French brand name literally translates as “As It Should Be”, and summarizes the ultra-comfortable feel of the shoes on your feet while you are dancing. Each model is produced with limited numbers and Comme Il Faut shoes are also to be found in selected boutiques around Europe (from the Netherlands to Italy and Greece), North America, Russia and Japan.

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