Turkish Cookbook, Musa Dağdeviren

A Brilliant Turkish Cookbook

The Turkish Cookbook”, Musa Dağdeviren’s meticulous collection of 550 local recipes from Anatolia, not only deserves a place on your coffee table, but also in your heart with its stylish English edition by Phaidon Press. Dağdeviren, whom we silently applauded for his performance on the well-acclaimed Netflix series “Chef’s Table”, is not interested in modernizing traditional recipes, as many chefs do nowadays. His pursuit is not to transform, but to bring back the vanishing local tastes and techniques as they are. For this mission, he not only founded “Çiya Sofrası”, a little restaurant focusing on casserole dishes in Kadıköy marketplace, but also traveled throughout the Anatolian heartland and dived deeper into the culinary research through a publishing firm he has founded. In his latest book by Phaidon, he raises the bar a bit more and attempts to show the world what makes this geography so special, through the dishes with a story to tell.

THE TURKISH COOKBOOK Phaidon, April 2019

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