Manu Atelier çanta

Adorable Hand-Crafted Bags

Small family-owned firms and young individual designers, backed by the profound tradition of the leather craftsmanship in Turkey, create hand-bags with stylish silhouettes, admired by the global market too.

Bera Design’s handmade bags blend modern craftsmanship with local patterns, and crystallize Bera’s motto: “The Art of Luxury”. Fara waist bag (top-left) inspired by the dome architecture in Turkey and accordion-like Hera bag (top-right) are just two of the charming models. Stockists: Vakkorama,

While the young founders of BAÂ chose their brand name, they were inspired by their father’s printing business. The mold and geometrical details of the leather bags evoke the mechanical operation of printing machines, while each model bears the name of a famous female writer. A match made in heaven for intellectual women who also know how to enjoy life! Stockists: Beymen, Vakkorama, Gizia Gate, Habb Concept Store,

Qimu is known to be the bag where Budai kept the seeds of life, according to Chinese Buddhist mythology. Founded by the mother-daughter duo Benan and Esin Terzioğlu, the brand’s design philosophy is based on simplicity, as its spiritual name also implies. The Qaila Bag (above), one of Qimu’s most popular designs, comes in stunning colors. Stockists: Harvey Nichols, Galeries Lafayette, Gizia Gate, S9 Boutique, Esperol Concept Store, D Concept Store.

Cara Bag_Rara Atelier

Dilan Bozdağ, the founder of a well-established leather atelier, draws attention with its minimalist and functional models. The Cara (above) is a functional bag model with removable hand and arm straps. Stockists: Rara Atelier Store, Vakkorama, Souq Kanyon,

Manu Atelier was founded under the parent company of Yeşim Çanta (on the market since 1976) by Beste and Merve Manastır, who are the younger generation of their family. The brand continues to celebrate craftsmanship and manufactures bags and shoes for modern women. Cylinder (on top of the page) and the box-shaped Mini Pristine (above) are our favorites. The brand is distributed abroad widely from Asia to Europe. Stockists in Turkey: Manu Atelier Showroom, Vakko.

This family company made its debut in 2015 with “Python Bag”, when Deniz Karmona Benbiçaço and Rozita Kandiyoti joined forces to make their common dream come true! The brand leans on high-quality materials and craftsmanship. We liked the Chima shoulder-bag, which is notifiable with its chain detail. The brand’s international distribution network includes spots like Los Angeles, Saudi Arabia, and Italy. Stockists in Turkey: Rossea Main Branch, Gizia Gate, Happy Mikrop Akmerkez,

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